In October 2020, two groups of six people (Covid restrictions) continued the society’s tradition of visits with a tour of the ruins of Greatham Old Church guided by Anna Dale-Harris. Many members will have passed the ruins on occasions but not taken the time to visit, so it was particularly rewarding to learn about its history and the stabilising of the roofless structure in recent years.

The roofed interior of the church has a Jacobean communion rail, an old font bowl and wall monuments from the 18th and 19th centuries. The chief feature is the tomb of Dame Marjory Caryll with its recumbent effigy, who died in 1632. 

The church has been redundant for more than a century since the opening of the new church on the opposite side of the Farnham Road.

Greatham Old Church of St John the Baptist
Tomb of Dame Marjory Caryll, Old Greatham Church