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Part of front cover designed by Edward Grainger for Petersfield Monographs No. 2 entitled ‘High Street Petersfield’.

Archaeology Group News

After several interesting visits during the summer months, September hails the arrival of the Society’s winter programme. This September also brings the first ever organised excavation of the Barrows on the Heath, which starts on 9th September and lasts for three weeks. Ever since the start of our Society, the Heath barrows have always been of immense interest to our members and the Museum’s “People of the Heath Project” will hopefully reveal some exciting information.

Whilst the project is under the control of a research Director and a professional archaeologist, several of our members are currently involved. If you would like to be involved please contact the Curator at Petersfield Museum for more information.

For more information, visit the People of the Heath website. 

Where Petersfield Archaeology Group Meets

Physic Garden
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Tel: 01730 269060

How To Join

Contact us for an application form. Membership costs £15 per person or £20 per couple. This includes eight meetings per year with a speaker and five optional meetings of the Society’s Archaeological Group. You will also receive a copy of the Society’s twice-yearly bulletin.

Petersfield Museum and Art Gallery

Petersfield Museum

Visit Petersfield Museum and Art Gallery to see some of the archival work PAHS has undertaken.

Petersfield Musical Festival


Petersfield Musical Festival has entertained the town with choral music for over 100 years.

Petersfield Physic Garden

fritillaryThe Physic Garden is open daily except Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s day. Check the website for times. Entrance is free.

People of Petersfield Heath

People of the HeathVisit People of the Heath for more on the excavation of the Petersfield Heath barrows.