About the Society

The inaugural meeting of the Society on 5th June 1973 was attended by about eighty members. 

The Society had four main objectives, namely:

  1. to promote the study and recording of the history of the area in all its aspects
  2. to foster interest in research and field work
  3. to publish, from time to time, the findings of the Society or of any member, or any other material aiding the attainment of the above
  4. to acquire, preserve, borrow and display, where appropriate, archives, artefacts and other objects of interest for educational purposes or the interest of the public

Committee Members

President   Judy Stephens
Chairman   Nick Swan
Vice Chairman   Ann Brooks
Secretary   Matthew Eyre
Treasurer   John Harwood
Programme Secretary   Jane Makin
Archaeology   Peter Price
Webmaster   Bill Gosney
Recorder   Gill Froelich
Recorder   Liz Steggall
Bulletin Editor   Simon Mason
Chairman handover
After a successful second term as Society Chairman Gill Clarke handed over to Nick Swan at the AGM in April 2017. In addition to a career in teaching history, Nick has had a long interest in researching and re-enacting the English Civil War.