Petersfield High Street North

Part of front cover designed by Edward Grainger for Petersfield Monographs No. 2 entitled ‘High Street Petersfield’.


The Society has produced a twice-yearly bulletin since the Society began in 1973. The bulletins contain a wealth of knowledge about the history of Petersfield and its surrounding area and serve as a well of information for today’s historical researchers.

The current year’s bulletins are available to members only. Previous bulletins can be found at the Petersfield Museum, Petersfield Library and in some cases, the British Museum.

Our plan is to reproduce a number of research articles here on the website—many are enlightening and some still highly relevant to what’s happening in Petersfield right now.


The Society’s first publication was Petersfield Papers No 1 entitled “Petersfield Place Names”, which went to press December 1975 for publication February 1976. There have been two revisions and copies are still available. Since the first publication there have been many more, usually entitled Petersfield Paper or Monographs. The last book written in the name of the Society was “Petersfield and World War 1 1914-1919” by Doreen Binks. It was originally published in 2007. The second edition was republished in 2013 by Petersfield Museum. Books and papers are available to buy at the Petersfield Museum, the Tourist Information Centre, Petersfield Bookshop and One Tree Books.


Petersfield and World War 1 (first edition only available from the Society; second edition available as above)
The Market Square Petersfield
High Street Petersfield
A History of Christianity in Petersfield


Petersfield 1918 From War To Peace
by Petersfield Area Historical Society
Editors: David Jeffery (Coordinating), Ann Brooks, Nick Swan
This 40-page booklet comprises twenty-four articles written by members and friends of the society which describe how, after four long years of war, our town faced up to a new world. Most areas of the town's life at that time are covered and it is designed to appeal to anyone with a general interest in the town's history. We hope it is a fitting tribute to all those who lived through those terrible times.


Hospitals of the Petersfield Union 1914–1919
by Bill Gosney
Between 1914 and 1919, nearly 5,000 wounded soldiers were nursed back to health in hospitals in Petersfield and the surrounding villages, an area known then as the Petersfield Union. This book tells the story of the Union, the hospitals and the local people who cared for and supported them during the difficult years of war.


Commander Loftus William Jones
by David Jeffery
Many accounts of the Battle of Jutland in the First World War have been written, but this biography deals with the man behind the action which won him a posthumous Victoria Cross in 1916.

Centred around his upbringing in Petersfield with his numerous siblings and his Navy orientated parents and grandparents, it details Loftus William Jones’ commitment to his family, his crew members, his ship and his country.

The story of exemplary bravery in the heat of battle became the stuff of legend in its day and, through this book, we relive the experiences, the traumas and the tragedies of a group pf men led by their outstanding Commander.



A Petersfield Perambulation
Petersfield Place Names
Petersfield and Parliament 1685-1783
Buriton and its People
The Origins of Steep
Petersfield in Tudor Times
Petersfield under the Later Stuarts

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