Founder Members

Elected Officers 1973  
Chairman Dorothy Grainger
Vice Chairman William Whiteman
Treasurer Frank Judson
Secretary Diana Hex


Leading figures

Alan & Mary Ray
Edward Grainger
Audrey Sutton
Jean Gard
Kathleen and Hugh Heather
Winifred Turner
George Ings

Over time, groups were set up.

  1. The Vernacular Architecture Group, chaired by Audrey Sutton, started making detailed records of the many houses of historical and architectural interest in Petersfield
  2. Edward Grainger led the Historic Buildings Study Group and was responsible for the monograph of buildings in the High Street publication
  3. Dorothy Grainger led another group with Winifred Turner, Mary Ray, Jill Walker and others. They studied Elizabethan handwriting in order to interpret old documents including the Parish register

There was a close connection to local schools and Bedales, Petersfield School and Herne Junior School are all recorded as joining as members in June 1973. The Society went from strength to strength and in 1974 an Archaeological Group was set up under the chairmanship of Peter Dolphin, which worked closely with Dr Peter Reynolds and the Butser Ancient Farm Project. 

The Society was also instrumental in arousing interest in the importance of the Barrows on the Heath.