Petersfield High Street North

Part of front cover designed by Edward Grainger for Petersfield Monographs No. 2 entitled ‘High Street Petersfield’.

PAHS 50 Years

In June 2023 the Petersfield Area Historical Society will celebrate its 50th anniversary. This important milestone is to be commemorated with a series of special events. 

In March, the Petersfield Museum and Art Gallery launched a display featuring documents, objects and photographs chosen to represent the Society’s contribution to the recording, preservation and study of the town’s rich history. The PAHS was part of the driving force behind the establishment of the Museum and provided the core of its collections.

During the summer half-term holiday (27 May–3 June), a free family treasure hunt has been organised, featuring twenty-five local buildings and businesses in the town centre. The competition aims to raise awareness of our heritage amongst our younger residents, while giving them the opportunity to win prizes donated by local organisations.

In July, during the Festival of Archaeology fortnight (14–31 July), PAHS is combining forces with Liss Archaeology to hold the Petersfield Big Dig. This event will include archaeological investigations of two key areas: the Spain and the Avenue Playing Fields. The public will be welcome to attend and it is planned to run children’s activities based on an archaeological theme. The Big Dig will also include the digging of test pits in selected private gardens. Displays and talks relating to the excavations are to follow later in the year.

An illustrated PAHS Jubilee book will be on sale this summer. As well as covering fifty years of PAHS activities, it also includes details of members who helped shape the Society and an overview of Petersfield in 1973 and 2023.

How To Join

Contact us for an application form. Membership costs £15 per person or £20 per couple. This includes eight meetings per year with a speaker and five optional meetings of the Society’s Archaeological Group. You will also receive a copy of the Society’s twice-yearly bulletin.

Petersfield Museum and Art Gallery

Petersfield Museum

Visit Petersfield Museum and Art Gallery to see some of the archival work PAHS has undertaken.

Petersfield Musical Festival


Petersfield Musical Festival has entertained the town with choral music for over 100 years.

Petersfield Physic Garden

fritillaryThe Physic Garden is open daily except Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s day. Check the website for times. Entrance is free.

People of Petersfield Heath

People of the HeathVisit People of the Heath for more on the excavation of the Petersfield Heath barrows.